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Strategy processes

  • Increasing awareness and motivation
  • SWOT-analyses
  • Development of Goal and Strategy Handbooks
  • Follow-up and measurement of results
    Seascape stands for strategic processes which counteract non-cost effective "action-oriented" working methods.

Development projects

  • Analyses within defined areas
  • Mapping of processes
  • Project management and organisation for internal development projects
  • Change Management - to ensure sufficient involvement, participation and subsequently efficient execution
    Seascape believes it is possible to generate increased synergy across departments, for example between Ship Management and Chartering/Operations.

Human Resource Management

  • Development and adaptation of HRM concepts
  • Operative support to HR managers
  • Recruitment and selection of key personnel
    Seascape regards traditional personnel management as an important factor, but no longer sufficient to ensure efficient management of human resources in the current competitive scenario.

Tailormade management development

  • Company and management development programmes for seafaring and land-based employees
  • Management development programmes for land-based middle management
  • Management development programmes for officers
  • Contributions to internal conferences
    Seascape experience that due to tough competition and international personal trends, management development is now a significant area for priority.

Summary analyses and studies

  • Summary analyses for one or more shipping companies
  • Studies for branch organisations
    Seascape believes that the rapid rate of development today, now more than ever, requires more frequent up-to-date of overviews to ensure correct focus and efforts.

Environmental surveys

  • Questionnaires
  • Questionnaires and interviews
  • Analyses and reports
    Seascape regards an insight into the employees' opinions as a decisive factor for efficient management.